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We work with you to plan for the future health and financial well being of your most valuable asset – your family.

Estate Planning

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We guide Executors through Estate issues from start to finish to help make practical sense of complex problems.

Handling an Estate

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We offer practical legal advice to business that are navigating complex regulatory or legal issues.

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Lypkie Henderson

FOCUSING ON Wills & Estates, Real Estate,
Employment Law, and Corporate Law

Lypkie Henderson is a law firm that focuses on the needs of individual Albertans. Their practice is rooted in Wills and Estates
but the firm has developed additional areas to better serve their clients. They have experience in the law of succession and Wills, needs of represented adults, powers of attorney, personal directives, and the administration of estates. Fraser Lypkie counsels families daily to plan for the future and safeguard their estate.

Lypkie Henderson is committed to handling the legal needs of their clients. The firm offers services related to employment law, real estate law, family law, as well as the legal needs of professionals and businesses.
Tyler Lypkie guides Albertans from all backgrounds through transitionary moments in their careers. In areas such as criminal law, Lypkie Henderson can direct their clients to capable counsel if these services are needed.

Lypkie Henderson uses their knowledge and experience, along with a strong dose of common sense,
to the advantage of their clients, and have developed an enduring reputation for serving their clients well.


At Lypkie Henderson, we are dedicated to your well-being through every important phase of life. Whether you are purchasing or selling your home, preparing your will, dealing with business or employment matters, you deserve advice and support from a law firm that serves the best interests of you and your loved ones.
Experience Matters

Lypkie Henderson has over thirty years of experience working with individuals and families. This knowledge allows us to confidently provide support through even the most complicated matters.

Outline Best Options

We will provide you with a good
understanding of our process and your
individual case so that you will never
be left in the dark.

Our goal is to work in a language you
understand, deconstruct the process and outline your best options. Our work is
efficient, so you can get back to focusing on what matters most in your life.

Making Law Comfortable

We go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable about discussing your personal matters with us. As we are a family ourselves, we want you to feel confident in our ability to provide support for the majority of your legal needs in life.

Lypkie Henderson will be there to help you successfully navigate life’s legal challenges.

Words from Our Clients

They are really responsive in communication and very proactive. Normally a voice message was left, and then it was followed up immediately by an email to make sure I got the message.
It really was the best lawyer experience of my life.
They are extremely personable. I feel listened to, I never feel rushed. Tyler will sometimes re-explain things when I don’t understand, which I definitely appreciate.

Move Forward With Confidence

We know that many areas of law can be overwhelming. Whether it’s your estate, job, or business, mountains of legal documents should be the least of your worries. Let us take care of the details so you can move forward confidently into the future.

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