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    Welcome to Lypkie Henderson

    Lypkie Henderson is a law firm that focuses on the needs of individual Albertans. Their core competency is in wills and estates, an area in which Ken Lypkie has been practicing for over twenty-six years. They have experience and depth in the law of succession and wills, needs of dependent adults, powers of attorney, personal directives, the administration of estates, and can capably handle any litigation that may arise.

    Lypkie Henderson is committed to handling the legal needs of their clients. To this end they have developed expertise in real estate law as well as the legal needs of professionals and businesses. In areas such as divorce or criminal law, Lypkie Henderson can direct their clients to capable counsel if these services are required.

    Janice Henderson-Lypkie has had extensive experience in legal research and the drafting of legislation. As a result she has been consulted in areas relating to equality rights under the Charter and law reform, and has an in-depth knowledge of the Adult Interdependent Relationships Act.

    Lypkie Henderson uses their knowledge and experience, along with a strong dose of common sense, to the advantage of their clients, and have developed an enduring reputation for serving their clients well.

    Meet Our Team: Ken Lypkie

    Ken completed his articles in law in 1983, working under the direction of Justice Douglas R. Matheson and Judge Donald G. Ingram, both of whom, at that time practiced with the Matheson & Company law firm. He remained at Matheson & Company until 1992 when he branched out on his own. For the next nine years he was affiliated with Campbell & Company. Then in December of 2001, Ken and Janice Henderson formed the law firm of Lypkie Henderson. The practice is restricted to wills, estate administration, estate litigation, estate planning, corporate law and real estate.

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